How Power Dynamics Impact Everything and Why No One Seems to Talk About It.


If you are minoritized in any way, you have most likely had someone in your life say things like this to you: “You should have spoken up.” or “You’re seeing it the wrong way.” or “Don’t be so sensitive.” Whatever the scenario or the specific context, the end result is usually the same—you have things to unpack, you have things to process, and ultimately you are left managing the aftermath.


MESH diversity - Leeno's Workplace Inclusion Clip (Edited)


Join Dr. Leeno Karumanchery in this session, where we will have a chance to explore the deep science that underlies these invisible strictures and how they play out physiologically, psychologically and organizationally. More on his session.

Leeno Karumanchery at the Forum on Workplace Inclusion 2019 in Minneapolis

Bridging the Gap: 31st Annual Forum on Workplace Inclusion

The socio-political environments in which we live and work around the world are testing our personal values and beliefs. Separate realities and opposing viewpoints often collide making it difficult to identify or address the systemic and polarizing gaps perpetuating obstacles to inclusion. Let’s change that – together. Save the date for the 31st  annual Forum on Workplace Inclusion as we work to Bridge the Gap.


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