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Culture is integral to whether an organization can effectively attract, hire, develop and retain top talent. Recognizing D&I as a vital piece of the puzzle, forward thinking leaders are doing everything they can to drive the change (e.g. signing pledges, codifying inclusive aspirations in vision, mission and value statements, embedding “anti-unconscious bias” measures into interview processes)…and in spite of the effort, results remain quite hit and miss. So why is it that some efforts drive positive results, while others simply check the box?


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Applying a sociological lens to this sociological problem, the Diversity Intelligence™ approach finally allows us to leverage inclusion as a quantifiable, manageable commodity that can drive both cultural growth and the bottom-line. More on his session.


Leeno Karumanchery at Inclusion19, the 12th Global Inclusion Seminar in Zurich 


Inclusion19: The 12th Global Inclusion Seminar

"Inclusion in a Time of Disruption"

We believe in a diverse & inclusive society. We believe in you and your organizations as major influencers. We believe in shaping the future together. The 2019 conference includes innovative and groundbreaking presentations from over 30 international speakers. Together we will cover a wide range of topics that deal with diversity and inclusivity.


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