Join us on Monday, October 26, 1:00PM EDT

Over the last decade, organizations across the globe have been launching diversity and inclusion initiatives.
While operational initiatives have metrics and KPIs that they are measured against, diversity initiatives either don't have KPIs or are measured against vanity metrics (such as number of people of colour hired, number of women on a team, etc.)
As a result:
  • Senior leaders can’t effectively shepherd change
  • Staff are disconnected from the benefits and possibilities that real inclusion can bring
Join us for a webinar on Monday, October 26 at 1PM EST to learn about metrics driven D&I strategies that do work. In this webinar we will learn
  • Which D&I strategies don't work. The list is expansive!
  • Why trainings with unqualified trainers don't work
  • What you need to have a metrics based approach to D&I
 See you there!

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